Most creative people, for me, for today,: Nina Nikicio

Nikicio is a clothing line owned and designed by Nina Nikicio, a young Indonesian fashion designer. Born in 1985, Nina earned her Diploma of Fashion Design at Lasalle College of Fine Arts in Singapore in 2005. In 2009 she earned another Diploma of Fashion Business and received an award as Best Student at Lasalle International College.

Established in 2006, Nikicio believes in conceiving something that will outlast trends, and is certain that the term “cohesive” or “sensible” should not be practiced rigidly in fashion. This is most apparent in every collection of Nikicio, where classic cuts with high end constructions are happily substantial.

Nikicio’s anti-fashion approach, ignores the dictates of seasons, looks beyond trends and shuns the idea that fashion has to be “cohesive” or “sensible” and the unconventional thinking has paid off. These are greatttt!!! So, no seasons, no trends..

Sticking to this more authentic concept, Nikicio is personally attached to each garment and chooses smart fabrics that can be worn a variety of ways. “I want the collection to be personal,” she says, “a part of a person’s everyday life but we all know that people hide sometimes, and I try to bring them a comfortable place to conceal, take the load off and dress up.”

Nikicio want to become the first Indonesian high-street retail brand, this is their vision.  They always create clothes that last forever (and to add value of investment in each kind of products). They want customers wearing their product have prestige and pride. Wow!!

In the following year, Nikico published three collections for Nikicio: mixté Vol.01, Vol.02, and Vol.03, plus two side-projects: Heartbeat and Millimeter.

Year 2009 is even busier for Nikicio. They published one main collection for Nikicio: mixte Vol.04; which is became a part of Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore, alongside with other notable designers such as Vivienne Westwood, Gareth Pugh, Marc Jacobs, and Christian Lacroix, one project named project:03, three secondary lines (Nikicio:Femme, Nikicio: Homme, and NN02), and another label: Oneandahalf.

kak nina nikicio

Picture I : kak nina nikicio


Picture II : my discussion group and I with Nina Nikicio


~ oleh nilanilanila pada Oktober 20, 2009.

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